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Accompany with Education and Responsibility (ACER for its initials in Spanish) is a non-governmental nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of child malnutrition and human development in neighborhoods as Las Flores (Vicente Lopez) and La Cava & Villa Uruguay(San Isidro).

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: Promoting social inclusion of low-income families in underprivileged neighborhoods, in San Isidro and Vicente Lopez, through a preventive and holistic approach to child malnutrition.

Vision: We beleive in communities with equal opportunities where everyone can display their potential and freely choose their way forward.

Values:  Integrity, Commitment, Responsibility and Overcoming

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Our Programs

Our comprehensive programs, based on Conin methodology and Montessori pedagogy, cover the areas of nutrition, human development, social focus and stimulation. Vulnerable populations in the Buenos Aires suburbs are served, specifically Villas La Cava and Uruguay in San Isidro & Villa Las Flores in Vicente López.


We provide pediatric care to children up to 6 years of age and nutrition clinics with the aim of strengthening family eating habits. Children are treated in the office by health professionals and mothers are trained in theoretical and practical workshops on healthy eating, nutrition and cooking, breastfeeding and childcare.


Early stimulation programs for children up to 3 years old and comprehensive stimulation for children up to 5/6 years old, under Montessori pedagogy, for the development of self-discipline, self-esteem and respect, manners and behavior, practical life, linguistics, mathematics, natural and spirituality. Attention of children in the office with treatment and measurement of evolution and individual and group workshops in order to promote the mother / child bond, detachment and socialization, and development of linguistic, motor, affective and psychological capacities.

Social Focus

We comprehensively address the daily problems of families in social vulnerability focused on mothers who are hosted by the Program; containment, advice and referral is provided to competent entities Design and evaluation of improvement strategies. Family wardrobe. Education and training of mothers (addictions, gender violence, personal development, legal advice).

Human Development

We seek to promote social inclusion and strengthen families through training them in skills and providing them with tools to develop self-esteem and generate their own resources. The aims are achieved through the implementation of workshops for knitting mothers sewing, creativity and human promotion lectures.

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Our Methods

Child Malnutrition

The lack of nutrition in early life causes brain atrophy and consequent mental deficiency, which can be prevented and reversed, with great potential for success if you act in the early years of life. Malnutrition includes all clinical forms of malnutrition, overweight and obesity. In Argentina, prevalent chronic malnutrition is manifested by stunting growth and mental weakness. Nutritional deficits or excesses are associated with factors of the environment in which the child lives from conception. The capabilities that the child can then reach depends on both genetic and environmental factors. In conditions of chronic poverty and underdevelopment, individuals are limited in their expression and in both physical and intellectual genetic potential. Not only does the individual suffer from exposure to these adverse circumstances, but also society, which is limited in its possibilities of progress and development.

Conin Methodology

To end the vicious circle of poverty and transform it into a virtuous circle of work and education, ACER – as a member of the CONIN Family – works to develop an Integrated Human Promotion Program whose cornerstone is the training of mothers, principal agent of health of their children. The direct beneficiaries of the programs are children of 0-5 years old and their mothers, as well as pregnant women. During this “critical period”, thanks to the characteristics of brain development, there is the possibility to intervene positively at nutrition habits, at family levels strengthening links and ties and at child development, encouraging the child to psycho-emotional and motoring progress. Mothers are provided with different educational activities, to promote them individually and socially to generate a culture of child rights protection ever since conception.  From ACER Association, we encourage people – without falling into dependency on welfare assistance- to achieve & acquire solid tools to help them improve their quality of life for more and better opportunities.

Montessori Pedagogy

For the integral stimulation of the child, ACER applies Montessori Pedagogy in order to strengthen their self-esteem and develop their potential.

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Our Goals

2021 Yearbook - Our history

Obtained Results










Our work is recognized in the community for 

Quality of service with high professional specialization, efficiency and effectiveness.
Differentiation by application of Montessori pedagogy in early stimulation.
Achievements in graduated children and measured in resulting school impact.
Achievements in mothers trained in workshops, gaining confidence and autonomy. 

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Our Team

We present our dedicated human group, made up of officers, directors and collaborators.

Board of Directors

President: María Mercedes Canova 
Vice President: Susana Alvarez Herrero
Treasurer: Luis María Fernando Conde
Secretary: Horacio Raul Hourbeigt
Members: Adriana M. Piacenza y Maria Luisa Bilbao

Principal: Hector Jorge Alfano
Reemplazo: Claudia Biasotti

Marcelo Piacenza, Federico Barboza
Adrian Spitaleri, Viviana Morandi
Yanina Nano Lembo, Adriana Acchinelli
Marta Fitte, Nora Ludevi
Stella Canevaro, Lucas López Herrera

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Join Us

You can collaborate with the cause by joining as a Partner, Volunteer or through in-kind donations or other contributions. Send your data and:  Join Us  or send an email to: info@acer.org.ar

In ACER we have the collaboration of personal volunteers, students from educational institutions and groups of company employees, who collaborate in different tasks: childcare, workshops for mothers, organization of fairs and events, beautification of the Centers, among others. 

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We are a non-profit civil association that works against child malnutrition. Your donation helps us reduce the number of malnourished children in our community.

You can make a one-time donation or every month. To maintain the current level of care and activities for each child per month, $8,000 (A) is needed. To help support the activities of workshops for mothers and weekly food bags for families, you can donate one of the tabulated amounts ($ 8000, $ 16.000 or $ 24.000) or whatever you can.



Fixed amount

Donate for the necessary activities for total care of childs in each Center.




By donating a fixed amount on a monthly basis, you are helping us to achieve our goals of sustaining the level of professional care and activities for each child / mother per month.

To wire us money as a donation, please take note



Via Help Argentina

Select the u$d amount wanted to be donated overwriting the default value of 10.  Complete the data and select payment method. Recurrent donations, per month or annually, will only be enabled for credit card payments. Rest of payment methods will be accepting only one-time donations.

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Our Centres

San Isidro & Vicente Lopez

We have two ACER centers, located in disadvantaged areas of the districts of San Isidro and Vicente López, from where we help to combat child malnutrition. Your donations will help us expand the number of children we can serve and recover.

Vicente Lopez

Director: Lic. Mariana Goñi

Since 2007 the ACER CONIN Center Vicente Lopez has focused the prevention of child malnutrition del Barrio Las Flores, through a comprehensive program tailored to the reality and needs of the place.The neighborhood Las Flores has over 7000 inhabitants, marginal urban population, deprived of goods and resources. Surveys addressed by the Centre yielded indicators of high social vulnerability index and diagnosis of chronic malnutrition in children.Hundreds of families have already participated in the Integral 

Program ACER Vicente Lopez, achieving reversal of malnutrition in children under 5 years; workshops providing early stimulation to children and mothers in training workshops nutrition, cooking, knitting, sewing, computers, crafts and baking.

    M.Céspedes 1112. Florida Oeste, Buenos Aires, Argentina   MAP

  vicentelopez@acer.org.ar         +54 11 4838 0059

San Isidro

Director: Bernarda Olivera Wells

The ACER San Isidro center, established as a CONIN prevention center opened its doors to the families of La Cava and other nearby emergency neighborhoods  in 2010.

We work accompanying families to prevent child malnutrition and improve the encouragement they receive, both influential in their growth and development. We focus on human development with parents.Today we are receiving hundreds of families whose mothers participate in cooking workshops, nutrition and health education, and children care clinic (doctor-nutritionist), integrated early learning and stimulation.

     Juan B. Justo 1425. Beccar, Buenos Aires, Argentina    MAP

  sanisidro@acer.org.ar       +54 11 4732 4751 | +54 11 4742 3278

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Our Events

We organize events to disseminate our work in the fight against the scourge of child malnutrition and raise funds to increase the care capacity of children and mothers through our programs. 

Next event: 2023 ACER CONIN Race - 4th Edition

This September 3, 2023, get ready to run for the benefit of hundreds of children and
their families. Join us!  All money raised will go to benefit ACER CONIN in its mission to combat child malnutrition in the Buenos Aires suburbs of Argentina. Under the premise that nutrition is not only feeding but it is also educating the mother and stimulating the child, ACER's programs assist children, mothers and pregnant women with prevention, treatment & education through a multidisciplinary team of health and nutrition professionals, psychopedagogues, social workers and tutors for stimulation according to Montessori pedagogy. It offers workshops for mothers to develop
skills, abilities and competencies that will allow them not only to accompany the child but also to provide them with tools for future job opportunities.
Every step of the race is one more step towards a more equal world.
Help us to achieve it!

Foreign donors

Through HELP Argentina, you'll be able to donate in U$D. 

Past Events

Marathon 2022

Marathon 2021

Bridge. 2020

Virtual Gala 2020

Marathon 2020

Bridge Tournament

M.Marana parade

Misa Criolla

Ballet J. Bocca

Orq. Chascomus

Gala Tattersal

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Helping Us

We are grateful to companies, public institutions, educational institutions, health entities and NGOs who work with us, helping us to accomplish our project. To collaborate click here

Anual campaign 2021

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Our Accountings

We make available our memory and balance reports of the last years












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Contact us

By this means you can contact us for any suggestions, comments or questions you may have. We will answer you as soon as possible.   info@acer.org.ar

Vicente Lopez

Address: M.Céspedes 1112.
                Florida O, Buenos Aires
Phone: +54 11 4838 0059

San Isidro

Address: Juan B. Justo 1425.
                     Beccar, Buenos Aires
Phone: +54 11 4732 4751
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